Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our Zoo Trip!

I took the kids to the zoo for the last time before summer. (You can't see any animals in the summer because they are hiding from the heat!) We had such a great time! We went to the Sting Ray Bay exhibit and got to play with the rays and baby sharks. The kids had a blast touching them and even got splashed by them a couple of times.

The second best part of the zoo trip was Harmony Farm where you can see the animals and pet the goats. Dylan loved the goats!!! He kept chasing them all over. Then when they'd stop he'd say, "what his name?" I'd have to look on the collar and tell him the name of the goat. Then he'd chase the next one and say, "what his name?" It was so darling!
We invited my sisters, Corinne and Stacy, to the zoo with us. Stacy was a trooper because she is 9 months pregnant! Their boys, Jameson, Alex, and Isaac are Dylan's best buddies. It was so funny to watch them talking to each other each time we'd get to a new animal. They would say something to each other and then laugh and laugh. What a blessing to live so close to cousins, and I love spending time with my sisters!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Michael is the Man!!!

I bought a lawnmower and trimmer a couple of weeks ago. I have a huge yard that my kiddos absolutely love, but the upkeep takes a lot of time. So I enlisted the help of my 10 yr. old, Michael. Papa put the lawnmower together and came over to help us get started and give us a few pointers. (His yard is always immaculate!) Michael was amazing! He had the best attitude! When Papa arrived Michael answered the door and said, "Michael Gary Tassainer reporting for duty!" He listened and followed every direction. He didn't complain once. I was so proud of him! We do the lawn together and it is so fun to spend that time with him. He is such a great young man!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


At the encouragement of my sister-in-laws and sisters, I am attempting to break into the world of blogging. I (like Corinne) make no promises to how often I will post anything new, or anything even worthwhile of your precious time. But with so many family and friends living so far away, this seems like a good way to share our life with them. I warn you that anything posted on this blog may be a shameless brag about my 4 wonderful, amazing children. They are my EVERYTHING!!