Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Michael got his Arrow of Light award at the Blue and Gold Banquet last night! He has worked really hard on his scouting and got his Weblos and his Faith in God last month. He loves the scouting program and has had a great leader, Bryan Mortensen. He has really encouraged Michael and helped him so much! I am so grateful for his help too!! :)

They gave him an amazing arrow that he can hang in his room. It's something he's very proud of and I'm proud of him too!

Michael's b-day party was last week. When he found out he couldn't take 10 friends to the movies ($$$$) he decided to do a Rock Band party. All the kids took turns trying each instrument and each soon picked their favorite one. Except for Miles Christensen (guitar). He plays the piano, drums and guitar...the REAL ones! So he couldn't choose a favorite and pretty much kicked everybody elses booty! You rock Miles!!! They had a great time!! Even little Dylan loved it! :) He thought he was one of the big boys playing "Wock Band!"
We love you Michael! And in every way...YOU ROCK!!!