Wednesday, November 19, 2008


There's nothing like being the recipient of amazing service to put things into perspective. I had hernia surgery on the 10th. Not fun, but necessary. I walked like a little old granny...bent over and very slow! I am getting faster but I won't be running any marathons anytime soon. And it will be 6 weeks before I can lift anything over 15 lbs. (which includes Dylan!) do the kiddos get fed and the clothes get washed and the house get clean and Dylan babysat???? That 's where wonderful family and friends and ward members come in. My ward scheduled meals that have been delicious. My family (especially Mom and Dad) have spent hours doing laundry, cleaning my house, watching Dylan, driving kids places, picking up prescriptions, etc. They are the most unselfish people I know. I have great friends as well that have helped watch Dylan, brought groceries, etc. And friends that have come and watched movies with me and just hung out with me so I don't go crazy just sitting here.

I much prefer being the one who is bringing in the meal, or babysitting kiddos, or cleaning someone's house for them. But I am grateful for those who have done those things for me. It is humbling, and definitely a reminder of how the little services we render mean so much to those on the receiving end in their time of need. I am truly blessed. Thank you!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The Jones' Halloween party! We missed you Angel, Dorea, Rhonda, and Kristi!

We had a great time trying to find just the right pumpkin at the patch. But every pumpkin was HUGE! We bought the smallest one and I still had to have Michael and Rachael carry it. I can't wait until after the surgery and I can lift things again...I hate being on the injured reserve!

All the cousins (minus the Jamesons in Utah) at Grammy and Papa's Halloween party. They love this tradition because parents are NOT invited. After the pictures are taken they love to shove us out the door...and we love to go out to dinner together with NO KIDS!!

My friend Alene and I went out on Halloween night and had a great time (despite the lame party!) She looked amazing! "Lucy, I'm home!"