Friday, November 20, 2009


Every year my family does the Alzheimer's Memory Walk to raise money for research and awareness. This disease is something very personal to us because we watched our sweet Grandma Bird battle this for years and years. We also watched Grandpa and the amazing way he cared for her the last couple years. He was so completely unselfish! He had dedicated his whole life to her...and in those final years, that dedication required 24 hr. care. Feeding, bathing, changing, etc...he did it all and NEVER complained. His love and devotion to her was one of the greatest lessons I have ever seen. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to live with them for 6 months the year before she died. That time with her, and the opportunity to serve her is something I will always cherish!! We miss them dearly!!!! We were short about 15 people this year. It was really hard to do this without Grandpa Bird and without Mom and Dad this year. We miss Mom and Dad sooooo much!! A few tears were shed...
Rachael was at the State Marching Band Competition and
Michael had a scout hike so they both missed the fun!

Nicole was the oldest grandchild there and was such a GREAT helper.
I couldn't believe how far she carried her cousin Jameson!

I love my nephews!!!

Alex was literally trying to crawl out by the end...Corinne got a workout!

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